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Re: Slab on Grade and the Green Code

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Thanks Harold, yet another email of yours I have copied and pasted in my

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Harold Sprague 

> Paul listed some good references.  The first thing is to only put vapor
> barriers where you need them.  I do not like the US Green Building 
> Council getting into this area.  They often get into areas that is beyond 
> their expertise.  I had a project in the interior of Alaska where the 
> designer wanted an easy "point" so a bike rack and shower was installed. 
> They got the point and tore out the bike rack.  I don't want to get into 
> a rant about the USGBC, but their time will pass and true energy 
> conservation will come.
> If the Properly done, vapor barriers are expensive. Some other
> considerations: Always, ALWAYS have a preplacement meeting with ALL of 
> the contractors (testing lab, pumper, concrete supplier, vapor barrier 
> mfgr., roofing contractor, concrete supplier, etc. ) for a slab on grade. 
> Have an agenda regarding responsibilities and timing of activities. 
> Select a "vapor barrier" and not just a 10 mil poly.Vapor barrier 
> penetrations should be flashed Laps need to be sealedVapor barrier 
> installation is best done by a roofing contractor.  They understand how 
> to maintain the integrity of the barrier.  The bottom of the concrete 
> slab should be horizontal with no constraints (like thickened areas). 
> Provide a foam layer around columns to avoid the column constraining the 

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