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Re: High Strength Concrete/off

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...Where is the artistry in these scheduling.?  Considering temperature 
fluctuations, likely certain effects could be conducted via electrical 
means.  Small bits/fragments of NiTi (natural Martensite-Austenite 
reactivity), and variable heaters, coolers to induce curvatures?

Silica Fume requres tad bits more water. and improved sealers for cracking 

>From ACI on Silica Fume:
       ".Effective production of high-strength concrete is achieved by 
carefully selecting >

  Cement and fly ash characteristics, aggregate quality, paste proportion, 
aggregate-paste interaction, admixture type and dosage rate, and mixing.

  Evaluating cement, fly ash, chemical admixture and aggregate, these will 
indicate the optimum combination of materials.

  The supplier of high-strength concrete should implement a program of 
uniformity and acceptance tests for all materials used in the production of 
 high strength concrete.

  When the concrete mixture proportions based upon field experience,
it is recommended that the required average strength fçr used as a
basis for selection of concrete proportions be taken as the larger
value calculated from the following questions.

    fçr =  fç + 1.34*s
    fçr =  0.90*fç + 2.33*s

      s =  sample standard deviation in psi

        fçr =

        fçr =  (fc + 1400)/0.9    'etc. etc...' "

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Sanity Check: What do you do if the required test cylinders don't test out?
You can spec whatever you like, but I wouldn't design for strengths above
2500 psi.
Cuck Utzman,PE

On 1/14/2014 7:41 AM, Polhemus, William wrote:
> Not "doh" but it makes me feel good that most have been addressed. To
> wit: 1. Air Entrainment: THANKS!
> 2. Slope to Drain: DONE.
> 3. Broom Finish: DONE.
> 4. Crack repair: THANKS!
> 5. Steel protection: I am using a heavier-than-typical spec on the
> galvanizing for the composite steel deck. Anything else I should
> consider? Structural steel is galvanized as per usual in process
> structures. 6. Corrosion inhibitors: THANKS! 7. Pozzolanic admixtures:
> OR Silica Fume, perhaps?
> Really, Jim, thanks, this is the sort of sanity check I was looking for.
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