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Soft-worn out

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The "new technology revolution" seems to be taking its toll on mainstream 
software costs. I guess all those cheap apps out there, or something, 
playing on tablets instead of PC workstations. I dunno.

My absolute favorite structural analysis and design product just announce 
they're doing an "Obamacare" and pricing themselves completely out of my 
reach. Since I first bought a license more than 13 years ago, I have been a 
 faithful customer, upgrading right along, and paying the modest upgrade 

Now, they've announced "no more upgrading, everyone pays full price - but 
it includes annual maintenance, huzzah!" Essentially, you're paying a big 
bunch up front - let's call it an Obamacare deductible - and that gets you 
the privilege of paying annually for "maintenance." You don't want the 
maintenance? Next time you want to upgrade, you pay full price again.

I'm very bummed. This is among my very most favorite software products for 
what I do for a living, and I have been an avid, avid fan. Now, I've got to 
 migrate to a competing product which, to me, is antiquated and creaking in 
 the way you interact with it - they just kept the ancient "bolt on" 
graphic interface from when it was a DOS product and that newfangled 
"Winders" thing first came out - but which I don't have to pay for out of 
my own pocket.

Yeah, my favorite product was so good, I kept updating my own copy of it to 
 stay with the current version so I could use it even though the "free" 
competition was at my disposal.

No longer. Cannot afford this.

I'm making about $5,000 less per year in numerical dollars (i.e. not 
counting inflation) than I did four years ago, and the measly raises aren't 
 making things any easier. Not that I'm really complaining per se; I have a 
 job, and that's a lot more than a lot of folks can say in this suck-tard 
economy. But I simply can't afford the luxury of upkeeping my favorite 
engineering software tools any longer.

This is, by the way, analogous to what I see happening with A LOT of 
software products nowadays, such as Autocad, which used to be reasonable if 
 pricey, and now is just plain PRICEY - outrageously so. It, too, uses that 
 "pay us maintenance or pay full price" licensing model.

Well, goodbye to a' that.

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