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Re: HSS thin gage section properties

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Some thoughts/experiences on this subject:
-I have always been able to find the section properties online at links 
similar to what others here provided.
-My personal experience has been that the typical steel suppliers in my 
area that sell these sizes stock them in primarily ASTM A513 not the A500 
that corresponds to the AISC design manual.  The two most common wall 
thicknesses are 1/16 and 1/8, they may be produced corresponding to a Ga 
thickness and have heard the 1/16 also called 16 Ga size as well as 11 Ga 
for the 1/8.  I do not think ASTM A500 sizes exists with less than 1/8 wall 
-They are a very common size member and used by lots of different trades; 
fence/gate builders, handrails, furniture, etc.  My most frequent contact 
with them as a structural engineer is handrail/guardrail fabrications.
-If you google A513 yield strength you might get values as high as 72 ksi 
and I have seen engineers use this for design.  The reality I have been 
able to confirm is that the ASTM A513 standard has a range of strengths 
from 32 ksi to 80 ksi but all the typical local suppliers can't confirm 
anything with regards to the manufacture of their warehouse stock other 
than it meets A513 and thus will be at least 32 ksi.  I am told you can 
request a special shipment of 50 ksi that they will keep the mill certs 
straight on but, by that time it is cheaper to go to A500.  I only use 32 
ksi for my design of these A513 members, if the design requires higher ksi, 
 I make sure to use at least 1/8 wall and very clearly require it to be 
-I am unsure what the correct standard is to use for design of A513.  I 
generally design per AISC since I am the most familiar with it but AISC 
manual does not reference A513, neither does the AISI specifically but they 
 do give some criteria for acceptance of other steel grades although I have 
 never sorted through it in detail to verify if A513 meets these criteria. 
If it is a OSHPD or DSA job I have required A500 and not allowed A513 for 
anything that requires a structural calculation.
-I am interested in what other's thoughts and experiences are regarding the 
 subject. Donny Harris, SE
Los Angeles

> Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 14:37:02 -0900
> From: Drew Morris <dmorris(--nospam--at)>
> Subject: HSS thin gage section properties
> I need the section properties (A,S and I) for thin walled HSS shapes. The
> AISC shapes go down to 1/8" and I need the properties for 12 and 14 gage
> wall thicknesses.  I haven't found anything in North America, came across
> some European manufacturers who do thin walled down to 2.5 mm.
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