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Re: Poll: Software

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Being facetious:

I can still use my 7" circular slide rule and my 8x8 Clearprint grid paper using 4H lead. I can still hand sketch and paste onto a blank title blocked sheet and maybe(?) send it out to have a Xerox erasible velum created.

Or I can go back to my TRS80 and print a Viscalc page or print the input and output from my old SAP80 program which would only do 2D and 50 nodes. Actually I think I still can do a Hardy Cross frame analysis and I've got the old adjustment factors (if we are working in concrete) for haunches. Remember the word processing program was actually very good - almost better that what I'm using now with all the little goodies that I don't want (or know how to use).

Gee that stuff was time consuming. Thank goodness we've got Google today where we can just input something on a few websites and hope whatever comes out is accurate. Oh well, who checks anything these days, especially the larger firms. The attorney will just say in court that you just put a few numbers into the computer and something will come out and it will be ok. (True story).

Neil Moore, PE, SE

It's bad when you get old and bitter.

On 2/17/2014 9:24 AM, T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. wrote:
O.K., maybe three programs isn't the best question.

What is the minimum number of computer programs you need to do your job
without sacrificing productivity and quality and what are they?

I use a browser, MS Word, Excel, Access and Outlook as well as AutoCAD and Revit. I could "cheat" and use a browser for Office 365, and AutoCAD 360, but I would still be using the same number of programs.

So, my answer is 7. If required, I could pare down to browser, Excel and
AutoCAD (3).

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA 2607)
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