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RE: Poll: Software

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Used to love Mathcad.

Then Mathsoft sold out to PTC, who turned it into a corporate 
network-licensed monstrosity and essentially elbowed single users in the 
ribs. One day, I tried to fire up my paid-for program and it told me "my 
license had expired."

Contacting the company I discovered I had to pay some amount - on the order 
 of $250 a year - just to keep using the software I already had.

I dumped it, and soon after discovered SMath Studio, a "clone." Yeah, not 
quite as slick as Mathcad but it does what I need it to do and reads MCAD 
files. It's still considered "in Beta," but the developer does seem to 
spend time moving it forward.

Best of all, it's free to use, and you can drop a few bucks in the guy's 
cookie jar if you like it and want him to continue to develop it. He has 
already incorporated several user suggestions including one of mine.

I'd rather have continued using MCAD but I'm not ponying up money for 
software I already paid for.

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I use MathCAD exclusively for my computations, not because I choose too but 
 our customers expect "typed" equations. The pro is that once you have your 
 formula set up using alphanumeric variables you can easily change the 
variable value and quickly run a re-evaluation. The con is the time it 
takes to set up the equations. (There also is the learning curve, MathCAD 
provides various help including definitions, explanations and examples 
which you can copy, modify and use for your own.

If you have standard type problems to deal with then the best thing to do 
would be to set up a library of evaluations/computations, such as a 
standard configuration for either weld evaluation (wide flange welded all 
around, box section with two sided weld, etc) or bolted connection 
evaluation, or whatever you are in need of. Then when a similar evaluation 
is needed you can cut and paste and change your variables.

Best regards,

Paul M. Kavsak, P.E.

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