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RE: Poll: Software

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My $0.02 worth.

FWIW pages of output etc are soakers of time unless one is looking for
specific information but even then, IMO, the submitter should either be
summarizing the critical results with associated input parameters or
providing the (relevant) output for referencing to the details ...?

Pages of computer fluff are often a sign of laziness, avoiding
responsibility for the exercise and/or trying to impress the Client ... uh
oh ... talking about myself again ...

As I suggest above, unless I required the output for my own design 
checking, I would request only those salient results that can be used for 
further design steps.

But, it's true, I often get these outputs when I'm reviewing specialty
engineered components like trusses, and also when I request design data 
from suppliers for proprietary items ... the impression is they don't know 
what they are giving: just blinding me with science.

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