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RE: Texas PE Criminal Background Check Instructions

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The most aggravating issue about this background check to me is that they 
are not accepting recent previous background checks for things like fire 
arms permit.

This is similar to Texas being so hard headed at one time about not 
accepting the NCEES Record.

In either case, similar to when you fly you just have to go ahead and take 
your shoes, belt and everything else they ask you to take off of your 
person , or else don’t fly.

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This background check, if for this reason (and it wouldn't surprise me if 
that is the reason), is kind of like fishing with a net to catch that one 
in 10,000 fish or 100,000 fish.  The problem is that the other 9,999 fish 
or 99,999 fish, non-terrorist engineers, have to pay to prove that they are 
 innocent.  And it doesn't even prove that they aren't planning to do 
something; only that they've not be caught doing something in the past.

If the terrorists would take the time to have pilots trained, or engineers 
trained, why would they have them commit crimes that would show up on a 
background check, before they do the big thing that they are planning to 
do?  That doesn't make sense.  So the background check costs lots of money 
and really doesn't do anything.

I wonder if a member or members of the Board has someone in the business of 
 doing background checks?  There's bound to be a bunch of money getting 
funneled into that industry.

It would be great if all engineers refused to either get the background 
check or refused to renew their registration in retaliation.  If Texas had 
no registered engineers and the Texas Board didn't have the revenue that

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