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RE: Texas PE Criminal Background Check Instructions

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The encroachment on personal liberty begun in the wake of 9/11 has 
certainly been mind-boggling. Watching my fellow-passengers lining up like 
sheep to submit to all sorts of unnecessary indignities at airport security 
 never ceases to remind me of this.

And yes, all my left-leaning colleagues out there, I'm quite willing to 
point the finger at Republicans as well, because I'm not now nor can I ever 
 imagine being affiliated with any political party.

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This conversation makes me grin a little between grimaces... it is sounding 
 a lot like many I have heard over and over around my parent's dinner 


Being a skeptic is his hobby, astronomy his full time job and at the time 
my father wrote this article he had been working for JPL for over 20 years 
(if you are not familiar, JPL is basically a NASA funded laboratory to 
study space.  It can be argued that the scientists and engineers that work 
there have a far lesser impact or exposure to public safety that structural 
 engineers)... a few years later Dept of Homeland Security (ironically, 
working for the former governor of Texas) passed a directive that resulted 
in all JPL employees requiring more extensive background checks.  I believe 
 the check was somewhat intrusive, to the extent of researching high school 
 girlfriends, etc. but take that with a grain of salt, my source of 
information was biased so I don't really know how intrusive the checks 
were.  The issue made some news locally and lawsuits were filed by a group 
of scientists and the moral fight was fought, I think the scientists won a 
round or two at the local levels but as it moved up the appeals process the 
 federal judges and courts found on the side of the federal government.  Do

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