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Retaining Wall Stem Design

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I am trying to use either Enercalc 6.14 retaining wall module or RetainPro 
10 to design some free standing masonry screen walls and am confused as to 
whether I am getting the correct results.

First, in both programs, can LRFD be used to design for masonry?? The 
stress ratio seems to be so much different for LRFD as compared to ASD, and 
 I am worried that using a "Design Method" of LRFD for masonry is not 

Second, I am not sure what lateral load to put in- factored or unfactored. 
If my seismic load on an 8'-0" tall CMU wall is 47 plf, (ASD), for the 
Enercalc ret. wall module, it seems that to use the "Design Method" of LRFD 
 it doesn't increase the load by 1.4, (to 66 plf), while in the RetainPro 
it does increase the ASD moment at the base of the wall by 1.4.

There is a note in red at the bottom of the RetainPro 10 "stem" design that 
 says "Verify That..." and I can't read it because it is only barely 
visible above the bottom of my screen. What does this say? )I think it says 
"Verify That Lap Lengths Are Available in Stem Section").

Thanks for your help and a quick reply would be appreciated as I need the 
above questions answered before I can procede with job.

Larry Hauer, S.E.

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