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RE: USGS Web Site

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It's my opinion, but...

There were too many such shenanigans going on. For instance, it takes no 
administration to leave a website running. I tried to use the JAVA Applet 
during that time, and it would not function because it apparently "phones 
home" to the website for some reason.

There were many other instances of silliness like putting barricades around 
 national monuments that are never staffed, etc.

I wouldn't really care which political party was involved in this, BTW. 
Supposedly the government per se isn't "political" but that seems to be a 
thing of the past.

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Remember, the government shutdown was for non-essential government offices 
and services.  NPS and USGS got trumped by DHS and DoD.

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 1:34 PM, Polhemus, William

> Great.
> Don't get me wrong, generally I like web-apps. But IMO the government
> itself has begun playing politics about everything, and shutting down
> websites we've paid for as a political stunt left a horrid taste in my
> mouth.
> Well, hopefully the "Wascawy Webpubwicans" will just give every
> Democrat prez whatever he wants from now on, to save us having to do
> these by hand.
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