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Re: Steel SMF

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Ricardo, Drew, and Bill,

Thank you for your help.  Unfortunately,  AISC 341, 358, etc. do not 
provide clear (actually, any) answers to weak-axis SMF connections. Here is 
 what I can share at this point.

Egor Popov of UC Berkeley actually tested such connections, and, 
apparently, successfully (FEMA 355D), but this was in the late 1980s, and 
does not meet the current requirements.  As it stands now, the SMF weak 
axis connection is not prequalified, hence the problem.

I was contemplating creating a cruciform section or welding two wide flange 
 columns together - but that's too much welding just to boot.

I am lucky to know Professor Stephen Mahin of UC Berkeley, who provided 
very valuable information on the actual testing done at Cal in the late 
1990s, along with other great leads.

Finally, Mr. Ron Hamburger (who happens to chair the prequalifiying 
committee) was kind enough to take my cold call - based on the 2009 NEHRP 
Technical Brief #2.  According to Mr. Hamburger, the situation can be 
resolved by the introduction of plates extended 2x(column depth) below and 
above the beams, and CJP welding of the weak-axis beam into that plate. 
This creates a prequalified connection.

Thanks again,

Steve Gordin SE

On Mar 7, 2014, at 16:42, Ricardo Gonzalez <ricardog(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> I believe that none of the prequalified moment frame connections have
> considerations for weak-axis columns, at least not in AISC 358-05
> (Prequalified SMF/IMF).  Have you considered creating a strong-axis 
> column section?  There are provisions in AISC 358 to create a "Flanged 
> Cruciform" Column.  That is cutting another W flange section in half and 
> welding it on either side of your corner column, forming a 
> cruciform-shape column.  Lots of welding, though.
> Good luck
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