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Re: EOR and Special Inspections and contracts

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Pardon my ignorance, but isn't special inspections performed by special 
inspectors certified in the filed they are doing the inspection? Are structural 
 engineers allowed to perform special inspections without certification? I 
know I wouldn't be doing any special inspector's duties for concrete, masonry, 
 structural steel, etc.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.

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Subject: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] EOR and Special Inspections and contracts

Hello Fellow Engineers,

It has been my practice to avoid performing Special Inspections except for
those construction administration tasks that can also be categorized as
Structural Observations.  For instance, I have no issues wearing the Special 
 Inspection hat for light frame residential construction when I observe rebar 
 placement, footing excavations, shear wall nailing, etc.  All other Special 
 Inspection tasks are to be performed by an outside agency.  My problem is
that I have not clearly state that in my proposals/contracts; something I
am in the process of updating and correcting.

So that led me to read the "Guide to Special Inspections and Quality Assurance" 
 prepared by CASE (Council of American Structural Engineers), and found some 
 interesting things.  Under the Roles and Responsibilities section, the
Structural Engineer of Record's (SER) "Special Inspections services should
generally be performed under a separate contract directly with the building
Owner."  I have never done this.  Not only that, but it makes the case for
SER to perform Special Inspections whenever they are able to.  Furthermore,
it stresses that Special Inspectors be hired by the Owner or SER, and not
the contractor.  YIKES!  These are just a sampling of stuff found in this

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