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RE: EOR and Special Inspections and contracts

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Oshin is correct. We may have overlap of wood inspection or as we call
Structural Observation. We as engineers are not qualified except for wood.
Since there are not qualifications or testing for Wood special inspectors 
as of yet. The codes got ahead of themselves and they still haven't caught 
up. I get asked to do these often by contractors since I am at the job site. 
 They know, by law we are not qualified to perform special inspections unless 
 we have the certificates.  They are looking to save money at your expense.
And yes the owner should hire the special inspectors. CASE contracts are a
starting point...they will not help you in court when the lawyer asked why
did you performed that inspection if you are not qualified.  Special
inspectors have a list of items to look at, sample, test or evaluate.  We
observe the overall compliance to our plans and specs.

Joe Venuti

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Pardon my ignorance, but isn't special inspections performed by special
inspectors certified in the filed they are doing the inspection? Are
structural  engineers allowed to perform special inspections without
certification? I know I wouldn't be doing any special inspector's duties for 
 concrete, masonry,  structural steel, etc.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.

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Subject: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] EOR and Special Inspections and contracts

Hello Fellow Engineers,

It has been my practice to avoid performing Special Inspections except for
those construction administration tasks that can also be categorized as
Structural Observations.  For instance, I have no issues wearing the Special 
 Inspection hat for light frame residential construction when I observe rebar 

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