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Re: EOR and Special Inspections and contracts

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Interesting thread. In Florida they use the term Threshold Inspector, for
certain sizes and classifications of buildings it is required. It is
difficult to the get the license because you must be a PE and work 3 years
under a threshold inspector to get the license. I have always figured many
an engineer got someone to fudge that paperwork since there are not that
many threshold licenses out there to be able to legitimately gain that
experience. All this from the same state that is just now getting around to
an separate SE license, which I fully support.

Andrew Kester, PE

On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 10:39 AM, Polhemus, William

> Exactly. In fact, it really bears remembering that there really is no "IBC" 
> in the sense of it's being "a building code." The actual building code is
> whatever the local jurisdiction has adopted.
> The constant reference by our California folks to the CBC is a case in
> point.
> The current CBC is based on 2012 IBC, but it is NOT 2012 IBC. They have a
> "stand-alone" building code publication.
> By the same token the current building code for the city of Houston, Texas 
> (there is no Texas statewide building code, and counties are forbidden 
> from adopting building codes by statute) is BASED ON 2006 IBC. Rather than 
> a "stand-alone" publication, 2006 IBC is used along with published
> amendments.
> I know most of you know this, but the point made by Brad here is
> well-taken.
> There's no "IBC requirement" for special inspection. IBC provisions are
> really no more than "suggestions" without force of law unless and until

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