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RE: Structural Steel Design Code - Canada

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Charlie Carter & Co. were pretty sneaky about that!

Basically they provided engineers who'd spent over a decade griping about 
LRFD a learning path to realize that time marches on, and it's not that big 
 a deal.

Never learned LRFD in school. Never forced to use it by an employer. I just 
 didn't like the idea that my knowledge would get rusty, and so I just started 
 using it.

And discovered that it was no harder to use than any other design method for 
 any other material. And to tell the truth, the rationale began to make sense 
 to me.

Everything we do is an abstraction anyway. We can't actually design a specific 
 member for a specific application because we don't know the actual material 
 we have, we only know what we're ALLOWED TO ASSUME.

Ironically, it makes more sense to talk about the STRENGTH of a given section 
 than the allowable stress, because we're dealing at the "macro level" anyway. 
 The stress profile we assume never happens.

Okay, neither does anything else, but the rationale for the gross section 
makes more sense.


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A clarification … ASD, in the new vernacular, is Allowable STRENGTH Design. 
 It is LRFD wrapped up to feel like the long-neglected Allowable STRESS 
Design. But, you are still allowed to prefer the latter ….

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