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Re: Distribution of Seismic loads in simple timber framed structures

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I am with you on this. My calcs always have a higher force at the higher level. I also use Tedds to check my calcs and it always gives a higher force at the upper levels. Just did two 2 storey bldgs in the past year. You should hear the framers yelp when they see all the nailing and plywood required. The usual statement is "I have never seen anything like this in 30 years". Another friend had the same experience.
On 4/27/2014 2:01 PM, Thor Tandy wrote:
1)      I am reviewing a peer's design for a 2-storied residential

2) In Canada we have an "Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction" (a design process somewhere between "prescriptive" and "engineered") which says the seismic loads should be calculated according to the Code
(equivalent static force).

3)      The engineer has calculated, (total base shear/gross weight) to
obtain a ratio of 0.16.

4)      He has then applied this ratio to the weight at each floor to get
what I'd call, a uniform distribution up the building.

5) That is not consistent with the standard distribution for the code equations.

6) He insists that he has read (somewhere?) that the ratio (0.16) can be thus simply applied.

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