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RE: Distribution of Seismic loads in simple timber framed structures

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No problem.  There is a UDL-type approach in the 97 UBC for specific buildings 
 and I'm trying trace if the approach is still valid in the IBC.  Doesn't 
mean we can use it here but ...

OTOH, the EOR here says he thought he found it in the CWC 2009 Engineering 
Guide to wood frame etc ... I couldn't find it ... I found that it said to 
use the distribution in 4.1.8 ...?  I'm attracted to inconsistencies but if 
 they are using UDL around here for anything other than 2 storey they might 
 be under-estimating the upper floor(s) ... hence I'd like to find a/the 
code reference that allows it.

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Okay, now you've got me looking at this again. I deleted the spreadsheet 
that I used to generate my response and I can't duplicate the numbers. I 
hope that the spreadsheet that I normally use has the correct logic .

Yup. My error. Fx = 0.166*Wx*(hx/total ht)

The spreadsheet that I use derives 0.166*Wx as an intermediate step and then 
 applies it at the required level. I've gotten to rely too much on what's 
embedded and lost touch with the meaning. Ouch.




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