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Re: Distribution of Seismic loads in simple timber framed structures

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Not the same model Wang. I believe there was about 1325 steps that we could program into our machine. The input and output was printed out on narrow roll paper and we cut and pasted that onto our calc sheets and then Xeroxed them. Most of the rest of the calcs and drawings were all done manually. (circa 1973 - 1980's). I think I paid about $3600 for the Wang; about $2600 for the Model II's - we had about five of these on the engineers desks. One had a four bay 7" disk setup - did work almost all of the time. The printer (dot matrix and noisy) was about $2000. Had two high school ladies program all of our programs in Basic - these were mostly the routines that we used on the Wang. Use to paste up our details on a regular blank drawing sheet with the outline and our title block and then take them to the local printer who would copy them onto erasable vellums. The titles were stuck on with some sort of tape.

No necessarily good times as punch cards was our next hurdle to get over. Tried doing some input over the phone with CDC - but after the line was dropped a few times we gave up.

Finally ran SAP 90 on DOS machines - IBM AT2 and a bunch of TI XT's. I think we were the 2nd firm in the SF Bay area that had computers on their engineers desks. The first firm that did this was Jordan Casper and Woodman or Lifttech and they were much more sophisticated. We later moved onto SAP 2000 about the time they moved to Windows and then to RISA3D. We send our NASTRAN stuff out for the more sophisticated stuff and write all of our calcs on the screen in our calculation writing Excel program. No hidden formulas or routines - very simple with rules. We wrote close to two hundred production temples - i.e. do multiple cases (max 7) at one time and link the output pages to other pages and so on. Spent a lot of time on documentation.

 Also very specific on the formatting.  Works for us.


On 5/1/2014 9:44 AM, Polhemus, William wrote:
Ah. MICAS software on Wang!

Good times!

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.


On May 1, 2014, at 11:39 AM, "nma"<nma(--nospam--at)>  wrote:

But it was better than my Wang 600 with the dual keyboard.


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