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RE: Allen, TX HS stadium

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That's a good point.

I'm thinking of a project I was involved with in Austin, which was actually 
 a public-private partnership thing, but because of the political climate 
there was heavy on the HUB requirements.

Of course "Historically Underutilized" (The "HU" part of "HUB") has, in the 
 past at least, been a wry joke here. If you were born anywhere other than 
the USA, Canada or Europe, your business could get HUB status regardless of 
 your actual circumstances.

For instance, I knew a fellow from a South American country, literally born 
 with a silver spoon in his mouth (he had a speech impediment as a result), 
 very wealthy family, attended prestigious schools there and here, and who 
owned a HUB entity qualifying him for the inside track on lucrative public 

Now, perhaps that has since been rectified; I have not been in the public 
side of things for some years now. But not so long ago it was the case.

And circling back to that Austin project, the SEoR made a series of costly 
mistakes that were simply the result of negligence (in my opinion; the 
principals of the firm were well-connected enough that it never resulted in 
 any sort of legal action). They had plenty of highly respected engineers 
as owners of the firm, but they didn't actually get involved in the "penny 
ante" stuff like the project I was had experience with. Rather, they just 
let some newly-graduated M.S. types have full control of it, and they made 
the type of mess that you might expect with "engineers" whose only prior 
experience has been graduate research.

There were lots of other examples of this years ago, when I was involved 
with public works, stemming from abuse of the HUB designation.

As I say, perhaps things are different now.

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I used to work for an A/E firm that does a lot of school work (PBK was our 
biggest competitor).  Very few of the north Texas ISDs have HUB requirements. 
 Dallas ISD does, but none of the suburbs do.  They probably would've only 
subbed it out if they didn't have manpower to handle the job.

-- Joel

the structural alliance
Joel Adair, PE, LEED AP

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The "some reason" might simply be spelled "HUB".

Public money was involved.

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