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RE: Adding Stainless Steel Base Plates

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Typically electrode type for stainless is (or used to be "310"). There is 
(or used to be) a type "309" for welding stainless to carbon steel.

All that aside, you really need to know what the beer tanks are. Most probably 
 they are something like a "duplex" steel grade such as ASTM A240 Grade UNS 
 S32101, and the chemistry is not complicated, but I wouldn't venture to 
spec a filler metal until I knew what I had, and I'd check with a steel 
supplier like in Finland, e.g., to get them to 
recommend filler.

If you just say "Stainless Steel Rod," they'll PROBABLY get it right, but 
it's not worth the risk.

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To All,

I am designing the anchorage of some beer tanks to a concrete slab and the 
tanks are all stainless steel with base plates that are too small- so must 
weld on a larger plate. I know nothing about the grade of stainless steel 
for the existing plates, so can someone give me a generic stainless steel 
ASTM and what it's Fy would be? Also, the electrodes for welding stainless 

Thanks in advance.

Larry Hauer, S.E.

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