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RE: Adding Stainless Steel Base Plates

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I am not certain that beyond material information, any of this would be 
useful to Larry Hauer since he's trying to fasten down a big beer keg, but 
I thought I'd mention it while I was thinking of it.

For Everyone's Information:

There is now an AISC Design Guide No. 27 "Structural Stainless Steel".

>From the Introduction:

"This Design Guide is written for engineers experienced in the design of 
carbon steel structural components but not necessarily in the design of 
stainless steel structures. It is aligned with the design provisions in the 
 2010 AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC, 2010c), 
hereafter referred to as the AISC Specification. ... The guidance is based 
on the provisions in the European Design Manual for Structural Stainless 
Steel (Euro Inox and SCI, 2006a) and Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures, 
Supplementary Rules for Stainless Steels, Part 1-4 (CEN, 2006a). This Design 
Guide follows the guidance in the AISC Specification as closely as possible 
and the recommendations have, as much as possible, been harmonized with it." 

The SSINA information is more general, giving you some material specs, common 
 sizes available, etc., whereas "Euro Inox and SCI" and "Eurocode 3" contain 
 design provisions more like what we are used to with the AISC Specification. 

The SCI 2006a (Third Edition, I believe) is relatively easy to find online. 
 I haven't tried to find Eurocode 3.

Bill P.

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Try first.
I did stainless steel design couple years ago.  I might find more info for 
you later.

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Stainless Steel Base Plates </div><div> </div> To All,

I am designing the anchorage of some beer tanks to a concrete slab and the 
tanks are all stainless steel with base plates that are too small- so must 
weld on a larger plate. I know nothing about the grade of stainless steel 
for the existing plates, so can someone give me a generic stainless steel 
ASTM and what it's Fy would be? Also, the electrodes for welding stainless 

Thanks in advance.

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