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RE: Bay Bridge's troubled China connection

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I'm sure the list would be quite long. I was thinking about recent consumer 
 product fiascos.

ANOTHER: When I was out of work and desperately searching, I interviewed 
with a "widget" manufacturer. A lot of their "sub-widgets" were manufactured 
 to their specification in a plant in China. They had constant QC issues, 
and had to hire a full-time quality inspector to live over there for nine 
months of the year, just to ride herd on it.

The guy who was showing me through the plant commented that they found the 
cost of keeping the inspector over there with frequent trips back to the 
states for R&R, had really blown any cost savings they had anticipated out 
of the water, but the start-up costs for bringing the operation back here 
kept them doing what they were doing.

Anecdotal, I know. But still.

(N.B. The three months the inspector wasn't there corresponded with the 
plant's "stand down" routine. Apparently they're used to having a LOT of 
vacation time over there, harkening back to their hard-core command-economy 

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		How could you fail to list the "A 325" bolts of the 1980s?

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