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RE: Definition of "Service" Loads

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		I wish that term would go away. It used to mean unfactored loads, but I 
can never tell these days. "Factored" and "unfactored" are clear to everyone, 
 I think. Jim

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Larry, I use IBC, & although it doesn't define Service loads, it implies 
that service loads are nominal dead, live, wind, etc. loads (i.e., D, L, W, 
 etc. BEFORE you factor them for use in either LRFD/strength or ASD/WSD). 
See IBC 1604.3, Serviceability.


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To All,

This subject has most likely already been discussed, but what is the definition 
 of "Service" loads? Sevral software programs I use imply that it is a 
"factored" load. In othrwords for seismic application, the WSD load divided 
 by 0.7, (or multiplied by 1.4), making it the "strength" level load. Another 
 engineer, (and definitions if googled), say "Service" loads are the WSD 

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