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Extreme Value Analysis - - (was Definition of "Service" Loads)

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        This is an excellent suggestion!!

I have thought of this before but never put it in perspective as clearly as you just have done.

        A couple of possible combinations that come to mind include:

1.) Earthquake followed by tsunami such as happened in Japan in 2011.

2.) Fire followed by wind regarding free-standing firewalls.

This would seem to be a suitable topic for your ASCE 7. It would also make a good refference book subject if such refferences don't already exist.

Good thinking, Bill


On 12/06/2014 5:47 PM, Polhemus, William wrote:
Funny you should mention that.

I've recently come to the conclusion that structural engineers would do well to have a practical understanding of extreme value analysis.

More than once I've been involved in situations where I needed to compute
the load effects from simultaneous events involving a reasonable return
period. The magnitude of the events individually would be available, but
deducing their values at simultaneous occurrence would require additional
calculation on my part.

An example would be hurricane winds with wind-driven waves acting simultaneously on a shallow water structure such as a wharf or pier.

I've begun teaching myself EVA in my spare time, and plan to use something like the R statistical analysis programming language to determine the combined effects.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.

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