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Soccer Field on a Roof

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Now that I know who is awake and working on Friday....

I have a project where the owner wants to put a soccer field on a roof. Don't 
 laugh. Yes, the soccer field must be flat (or mostly so, slope of 1" in 10 
 feet to get the water to drain off of the 2 foot square tiles. The roof 
below will slope at a much more significant slope. Architect wants minimum 
which is ¼" per foot. I want ½" per foot. We may compromise at 3/8" per 

The question is, what can we use to fill up the space? The first thing that 
 comes to mind is sand, but that will be very heavy. If the roof slopes ½" 
 per foot, the average weight will be 135 PSF (assuming wet sand at 120 PCF). 
 At 3/8" per foot, the average weight will be 100 PSF. The difference is 
nearly 200k lbs for the project!

The architect asked me about vermiculite. I have NO IDEA if vermiculite is 
stiff enough. My (considerable) gut says "no".

Any ideas?

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
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San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
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