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Re: Permanent Solution to Frozen Ground

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If I could chip in - the reason foundation and ground heaved would be
because of inadequate insulation between freezer and foundations or because
of frost ?
If it is former then installing a thawing system would lead to energy loss
? If it is the latter then there can be one time solution to install stone
foundation for thermal ventilation or a continued heating - energy input to
save freezer which can bleed operating cost. Just a thought may be useful.

On Friday, October 3, 2014, <seaint06(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> I have a client with a spiral freezer that has ground heave below the
> freezer.  I'm looking for a way to thaw the ground and keep it thawed.
> The freezer is on a concrete slab on ground.  The slab steps up about 2
> feet at the front of the freezer.  Around the other 3 sides the slab is
> level with the freezer floor.  I can see the concrete wall of the 2 feet
> step rotating outward due to the frozen soil below the freezer.  I can 
> also tell the freezer has lifted by observing the top of the freezer at 
> the front.  Since I have this 2 feet step I looking for a way to horizontally 
> drill below the freezer and insert some heating elements to thaw the
> ground.  I don't think a liquid or air system is feasible as I can only
> drill from the front and the loop needed for air or liquid would not be
> feasible.  I'm thinking it needs to be some type of electric heating
> element that can be inserted down a tube, perhaps as long as 20-30 feet, 
> to warm the soil and cause it to thaw and settle back down.
> Basically I'm looking for a heating system that can be inserted
> horizontally in tubes at some interval spacing to keep the soil from
> freezing directly below an existing freezer.  Any suggestions would be
> appreciated.  Also, any suggestions as to how to horizontally drilling and 

Himanshu Goyal

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