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Worst. Customer. Service. Ever.

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Beware if you attempt to create an NCEES Record and you’re not able to get 
 all the various signatures, forms, etc., in within 12 months. They will 
DESTROY your entire account. All the hours you spend putting it together, 
all the time you spend, all the fees, etc. go for NOTHING.

This has happened to me now TWICE. The first time was understandable, as I 
simply changed jobs and didn’t spend the time getting the entire thing 

THIS time, however, I spent two months putting everything together, a function 
 of having been in this business as long as I have, and I had all the records 
 in there, had sent out all the various forms, etc. For whatever reason the 
 people I contacted didn’t get the forms together. I had already paid the 
 fees – for a second time, I might add , and everything else was in order, 
 just no forms.

Didn’t matter. ****ing record destroyed, too bad for you.

This is unbelievable to me. Considering the fact I have paid thousands of 
dollars in my lifetime for licensure fees, etc., for all these various states, 
 which I presume help to support this NCEES racket, it is outrageous to me 
that they even HAVE a limit of time on this. What, they don’t have enough 
 disc space? Anyone let them know about Cloud services? I think you can buy 
 a few Terabytes for a couple hundred a year.

I’m so ****ed off right now I can’t see straight. Oh…yes, it does so 
happen they warn you about this somewhere deep in the bowels of the fine 
print on their site.

At this point I’ve had it. It will likely be easier for me to just apply 
state by state than have to go through all this again with no guarantee that 
 I can get the VOLUMES of information needed – keep in mind that you must 
 have a “verification form” for every “engagement” you’ve ever 
held – in time to keep them from destroying the record again.

I urge you as a private citizen and consumer NOT to patronize this “service.” 
 Like most of the quasi-governmental services around these days – the 
Educational Testing Service and their insistence that you’re always liable 
 to brain damage so you can’t expect your GRE scores to last your entire 
life – is another such.

Disgusted beyond words.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.


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