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RE: CMU rebar splice

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I think what "we" mean when "we" say "it doesn't feel right" is that we've 
developed at some point in the past a sort of mental picture or model about 
 how structures or the parts thereof function. We see it in our minds - after 
 all, there is a great deal of imagination that goes into any creative 
endeavor, even one so mundane as structural design.

And when something comes up that challenges the mental construct that we're 
 accustomed to, it just...well, it "doesn’t feel right."

It's understandable, even if, as Bill says, it doesn't have an objective 

I would respectfully disagree that it's not such a "feeling" isn't "scientific 
 reasoning" however. After all, there was a time when "scientific reasoning" 

- that is, the observations the natural philosophers were able to make - 
told them that the sun revolved around the Earth. That was the "mental model" 
 they developed and with which they were comfortable.

It was only after more close observations were possible that that "mental 
model" was discarded because it actually didn't fit the reality of nature. 
But it was not, I suspect, abandoned without some kicking and screaming on 
the part of some who were comfortable with the status quo ante, and didn't 
participate in new discoveries.

When you've actually performed or closely examined the reports of more 
up-to-date research, you can formulate a NEW model for things and become 
comfortable with that.

I'm just playing Devil's advocate here, in the sense that I do understand 
what someone means when they say "it doesn't feel right" even if the language 
 is imprecise.

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Good to see you snappy Bill, reminds me of the epic duels you had with Dennis 
 Wish many years ago, stay passionate my friend :)

Tarek Mokhtar, SE

> Sorry to be snappy.
> I just get annoyed when someone tries to justify a position using non-
> scientific reasoning, like Larry saying it doesn't "feel" right. Sure,
> like he's spent years in the lab testing debonding of rebar in CMU
> sections. Gimme a break.
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