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RE: Article: Wreck of the Kulluk

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It's the NYT, so it didn't take long for the  built-in bias to appear. Like 
 the second paragraph.

Nowadays, taking a risk with private money - voluntarily invested with 
foreknowledge that risk is involved - is called "a scandal" and leads to 

But taking risk with PUBLIC money - without the consent of the governed by 
executive fiat - and giving it to "private" business concerns formed overnight 
 for the express purpose of receiving the government's largesse, who take 
the money, squander it, and then either ask for more at peril of closing 
their doors, or declare bankruptcy, is called...

"Green energy."

The former is "evil." The latter is indelibly "good" because "everyone knows" 
 that politicians who spend other people's money with no risk or obligation 
 have their best interests at heart in saving the planet, slowing the rise 
of the seas, etc.

To wit: A123 Solar, Abound Solar, Azure Dynamics, Beacon Power, Bright Source, 
 Ecotality, Energy Conversion Devices, Enert, Evergreen Solar, Fisker, LSP 
Energy, Solar Trust of America, Solyndra, SunPower, UniSolar, et al.

Crony capitalism. Smells like...victory.

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The below article from the NY Times chronicles an amazing drama I had long 
forgotten about.  I doubt the news coverage at the time of the incident 
mentioned more than the final wreck, but the drama from start to finish was 
 amazing. I guess they choose to run this because of the significance of 
this date in the history of the Kulluk ... enjoy and Happy New Year to all!


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