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RE: Aircraft cable

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Hi Everyone

Thanks for the responses.

Yes, I found the Tiger reference but it doesn't give the (metallic) cross 
section area either.  I am also referencing Hanes and the "Wire Rope User's 

The loading on the cable I'm reviewing is light (only 225lb).  For a 5/16" 
aircraft cable (7x19), assuming the cable steel density is about 0.28 lb/in^3 
 the equivalent metal area is about .05in^2 (i.e. equiv to a 1/4" dia solid). 

E varies with life history but for this relatively low loading and the low 
periodic use of the cable, I think I can assume that E for a new cable is 
probably OK for my deflection estimate.  I have found the E is probably about 
 15E6lb/in^2 for a new 7x19 cable ...?  Actual stretch will also be affected 
 by any "unravelling" of the cable twist but again I think the light loading 
 condition will avoid significant extension due to wire rotation.

Except for purchasing purposes, there is a dearth of information specific 
to 7x19 cable.

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, C.Eng, Struct.Eng, MIStructE, FEC
Victoria, BC
Email: vicpeng(--nospam--at)
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Check out this download: Start
at page 4

Neil Moore, PE, se

On 1/13/2015 9:55 AM, Paul Ransom wrote:
> Thor,
> Wire rope is a mechanism and you can't think of it like a rigid body.
> The value of E has such a  large range because it changes in a
> non-linear way depending on load history. Pre-stretched cable is much
> more consistent if you need a narrow range of E.
> Good sources for information on-line.
> Google:
> USS American Tiger Brand Wire Rope Engineering Handbook Some USACE and

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