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State of Idaho PE Renewal

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The last several years I've been sidetracked from consulting by problems 
resulting from the crashed economy back in 2009.  I took a job with the DoD 
 Navy in Virginia and now in San Diego.  I've done a few small projects in 
the evenings and weekends to try to keep up whatever skills I had.  It's 
been great to still have "the list" to follow with familiar names even though 
 the list traffic isn't what it used to be.  With that being said I've been 
 trying to keep up with licensing so I will have a little work to keep me 
busy if I ever get to retire.  Last week I started to renew some licenses 
that have come due.  One in particular was Idaho.  I've had they license for 
 many years.  In filling out the forms there is a new requirement for a 
"Certificate of Authorization".  I called an sure 'nuf if you are anything 
but a "sole proprietor" it is required.  It is another form, another 
requirement, and another $175.00 even if I'm not perusing work in the state. 
 Needless to say my Idaho license is going to expire.  I'm not happy and to 
 top it off the man that helped me on the phone was a jerk.  I had to get 
that all off my chest.

All that aside, I need to do an entire set of documents for my own home in 
AZ, wife included, that has been set aside until finances would permit.  I'm 
 glad "The List" is still functioning as there are a couple of issues to 
deal with.

 So down the road I may be able to do a little work on the side.  I'm not 
licensed in CA, so it would have to be for someone here. Even drafting might 
 be something I could do.  I'm not sure of business licenses required in the 
 state for that sort of thing if it is even possible.  Any thoughts?

Again, happy to see some familiar names out there



Joseph Grill

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