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Conversion to Metrics

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Gary's request for a mason pilaster check, due to conversion to
metrics, got me wondering what this body thinks are the pros and
cons to metrication?


1. Conversion between single dimension units like length are an
     easy decimal shift.

2.  Everybody else is doing it.


1. Units are not explicit as to their constituent units, e.g. pressure
    units of Pascals don't tell us what makes up a Pascal, like psi
     tells us that we have pounds per square inch.

2. The cost to switch is not worth any perceived benefit.

Please add to this list either a pro or a con or both.  If you don't want
to add to the list a discussion is welcome.

One thing that my youngest brother discovered and told me about is
that the duodecimal system, base 12, is far better than a decimal system
when it comes to shipping and packaging items and that it's easier to count
in that system to high numbers using ones knuckles. (We've got 14 on each
hand and that allows us to keep track to higher numbers )  I guess that most 
 things are packaged and shipped in dozens, often due to the way that a dozen 
 items fits better in a container than 10 fit into a container.

Things that make me go hmmmm...

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