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RE: Conversion to Metrics

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Hi LLoyd,

I think this made sense but this method is prone to human errors.
An electronic counting machine would do a better job.
I work for UPS part-time .
Thanks for your  explanation.

Have a good weekend!


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Hello Alex,

First the disclaimer:  I'm not as good or proficient at this as my brother 
who introduced it to me, so I might not get it quite right, but I'll give 
it a try.

The issue with base 12 in packaging has to do with a couple of different 

 (BTW, you can find an article here:
<> , it's about
2/3 of the way down on the right hand column)

Firstly, most of our shipping and packaging is in cuboidal containers.
Semi-truck trailers are big cubic boxes.  The filling of this is most 
efficiently done in a cubic fashion.  So we use pallets that are rectangular 
 in shape. We then have to load a pallet in as most efficient manner as 
possible, because the most expensive thing to ship is wasted space/air. This 
 efficiency demands cuboidal boxes or containers.

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