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Developing SE Apps (WAS: Hp49G)

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Alex, if you don't mind, send me your biaxial bending code, and I'll see if 
 I can convert it to XCode and get it to run (for those who don't know, you 
 develop iOS apps on a Mac, and run it in an emulator. Once you get it 
debugged, you submit it to Apple for approval, and when they like it they 
put it up on the app store).

I'd appreciate the opportunity to convert an existing algorithm, as it would 
 help me learn the coding language.

FWIW, I've got an iPhone 6. The display is pretty good size - and obviously 
 the 6 Plus is even more so. More to the point, the quad-core processor in 
this thing is pretty speedy ( 
 I'm not sure if Moore's Law applies to the sorts of CPUs they put in these 
 devices, but the speeds DO seem to be increasing at a rapid pace. I'm 
guessing that even something as computation-intensive as this might perform 
well on the current iOS platforms.

--> Wow, déjà vu: Almost my very first assignment as a graduate engineer 
at my first job, was to take the detailing applications that had been written 
 back in the early 1970s for the Monroe 1665 Desktop Programmable Calculator 
 (, and port them to the 
 HP 41CV.

If I can get the numbers to crunch, we can perhaps begin to add some useful 
 graphic output - interaction diagrams, e.g.

And finally, if I can get THAT to work, maybe we can get someone - not sure 
 if I'm up to it! - to port THAT over to Android. (Android apps can be built 
 on Windows as I understand it). OR someone else can start developing the 
Android app in parallel, and we can collaborate on making the two versions 
LOOK basically the same as far as the graphical output.

Anyway, would like the opportunity to try.

If you want me to sign a NDA or something for the code, that's no problem. 
If we can make a buck or two off it, I'm game. Maybe we get it to WORK first, 
 then talk about setting up the business end so everybody involved gets a 
share of whatever profits there are to be made.

Good thing about these apps: you can sell them fairly inexpensively, and the 
 large potential user base - who under the age of 65 doesn't have a smart-phone 
 these days? - makes for potentially high sales volume.

Leastwise, that's what they tell me. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Let me know what you think.

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I actually have an HP50 emulator on my iphone 5 and I am planning to load 
the HP49G design programs. I have used AVWIN98(a PC software) to analyze and 
 the Hp49G to design the members. I am planning to use the FEM48(an Hp49G 
program) for analysis this time.

Alex Nacionales

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I have thought about creating structural engineering apps for iOS in the 
past.  I'm guessing the most useful apps would be those used to perform on 
the fly calculations easily during site visits or meetings.  I'm open to any 

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