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RE: "Big Column and small beam" Rule

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Thank You Rizwan.   You are a wonderful. I love this group.

Alex Nacionales
Vancouver, BC

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Dear Alex,

Thank your for compliments. It has been a real pleasure to be of some 
assistance.You have now raised a very interesting question; let me think how 
 best can I answer your question:

1) A flange acts as a part of a slab as the web can not deform alone; the 
slab must deform with the web since the two are integral. In the direction 
of analysis, the deformation of the slab is exactly equal to the deformation 
 of the beam at the beam-slab interface and gradually decreases as the 
distance of slab fibers increases from the beam center-line.

2) In the light of the above behaviour, the slab contributes to the stiffness 
 of the beam. If my memory does not fail me, the stiffness of a flanged beam 
 vary between 1.5 times to around 2.0 times that of the stiffness of the web 
 alone. The average may be around 1.75 times. But one can always compute the 
 specific value in each case.

3. The stiffness values of various members meeting at a joint determine the 
 distribution coefficients, which are the proportions in which the unbalanced 

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