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Re: Ring Shank Nails

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Hello Thor,

The American Wood Council, AWC, has some documentation on the single
shear and double shear capacity of ring-shank nails.  It looks like they may 
 have higher capacities than the 8d box nails that usually get used.

The problems with using them for a shearwall application are:
-Increased cost of nails.
-No design tables for easy use of them in design.
-Increased cost to have an engineer design shearwalls from "scratch"

The increased pullout resistance of the ring-shank nails is misleading for
shearwall applications.  The force on the nails in a shearwall is in shear 
and not a withdrawl condition, therefore the increased holding capacity is 
wasted. That's just not the action on the nails.

Since there aren't design tables that have been developed for ring-shank 
nails, you'd have to design the shearwall from the ground up.  Or if you can 
 verify that the intended nails to be used were stonger than the typical 
nails, then you could use the tables for the 8d box nails and know that the 
 real application is over designed from the tabulated design.

It appears to me that most ring-shank nails use higher strength steel than 
the common wire nails use.  (please verify this yourself before designing 
with them) And since most ring-shank nails are ringed in the lower portion 
of the nail, you might have the solid shaft of the nail in the shear plane 
between the framing member and the plywood shear panel. If that's the case, 
 then the shear capacity of the ring-shank nail is not compromised because 
of the rings.

There is the potential issue of the rings having a larger diameter than the 
 shank that is smooth.  This might lead to the nail not having direct bearing 
 on the shear panel.  I'm not sure what effect that might have on the shear 
 panel's predictability in a shear event (e.g. wind, seismic, etc.).

Good luck,

On 5 Apr 2015 at 8:47, Thor Tandy wrote:

> I was asked recently if ring shank nails are usable in shear wall
> design. They have a smaller shank thank smooth but the thread is said
> to provide better withdrawal capacity .?
> Any comment?  If they are usable what equivalent shank diameter would
> one use to compare the performance?
> Thanks
> Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, C.Eng, Struct.Eng, MIStructE, FEC
> Victoria, BC
> Canada
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