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RE: Professional Skills required for structural engineer

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Please understand that in contrast to the "engineering culture" in most of 
the rest of the world, we look at things very differently here in the U.S.

Unless you're looking for a position doing research in a very specific 
industry, or you're trying to go to graduate school for an advanced degree, 
 "latest technology," etc. is irrelevant.

What an EMPLOYER wants to know is "what is your experience doing what we 

I realize that in your part of the world, academic credentials EQUALS 
knowledge, but we simply don't see it that way here.

I will give you an example from my own experience.

Years ago I supervised a group that included several Chinese engineers. They 
 mostly did very good work when they weren't huddled together comparing 

Because of this "paycheck-comparing" thing, a lot of trouble arose. One 
fellow had graduated with a Master's degree in Structural Engineering from 
a U.S. university the year previously. He came to me very upset because a 
woman we worked with, also Chinese and just a couple of years older than he, 
 "only had a Bachelor's Degree but she makes more money than I do."

I had to explain to him that:

1. The woman in question was a licensed Professional Engineer.
2. She had several years' experience doing the work that we were doing, and 
 in fact was able to lead a project group.
3. He, on the other hand, had next to NO experience with our project work, 
and was learning. He was doing well, but he had a long way to go before he 
could function independently, much less direct other engineers and drafstmen. 

4. In fact, according to local statute it would be at least 2-1/2 to 3 more 
 years before he could even become licensed as a Professional Engineer. And 
 here in the U.S., you are NOT legally an engineer without licensure.

(He still didn't get it, and remained very angry that he was "underpaid 
compared to someone who is inferior to me," because he saw everything SOLELY 
 as a function of academic standing, which has very little to do with how 
you're perceived in a design engineer office here. If you're in academia, 
that's one thing, but not in the real world of work).

So, again assuming you are talking about employment as a design engineer, I 
 have the following questions for you:

1. What is your experience? What sorts of practical design work have you 
done? What sorts of projects have you worked on, and in what capacity?
2. Are you able to obtain licensure as a Professional Civil or Structural 
Engineer in the state where you will be residing?
3. If not, how do you plan to resolve the deficiency that would prevent you 
 from being licensed?
4. Do you believe you are competent to direct other personnel including 
junior engineers and designer/drafters?

Those are the kinds of things that employers here in the USA will ask you. 
They will NOT be interested in what coursework you took or what websites 
you've consulted to find the "latest technology" or "advanced concepts."

They want to know what you've DONE, not what you claim to KNOW.

Best of luck to you.

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Dear Sir,

                what are various software and professional skills  need to 
be learn so I can applicable to work in USA?Can I get the job in USA?What 
are variouse websites by which I can learn latest technology and structural 
 basic and advance concepts?

Please do the needful?Need your guidance.

Thanks & Rregards
Mahesh Karle


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