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RE: Cutting off Bolts

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Don & Tarek

I was thinking the 8-9in of 1/4" fillet between bearing plate and beam
bottom flange would be enough for loads would it be too much or do you think 
 it necessary to weld along the parallel edges ?

Joe Venuti

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Joe - I have been on the field side and recommendations of many of these.
Not knowing the specifics - but in general it goes something like this -
(a) Is there an issue of going from a pinned joint to a moment resisting
joint?  If yes, no deal.  If not, which is normally the case, then (b)
welding up the joint happens frequently with far more weld strength than the 
 original bolted connection,  Keep the welding easy in accessible positions
and more than enough.  I would stay away from plug welding unless absolutely 
 necessary  Its harder to do correctly. Of course there are to be qualified
welders,weld procedures,weld specs, inspection, etc I hope this helps -  Don 

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 1:17 PM, Joe Venuti <jovenengr(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> Hello all
> The situation occurs at 2o connections where the roof beams cantilever
> over steel columns. The contractor is asking if he can torch off the
> bolts
> (A307 mostly but some A325) and weld along the width of the 1/2"
> bearing plate each side of beam and along the parallel edges of flange

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