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Re: Retaining wall of sawdust

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Hello Steve,

The short answer: I screwed up.

The longer answer:  I threw together a spreadsheet and used
tan(45 - phi/2) for Ka instead of tan^2(45 - phi/2).  That messed
up my answers and I don't use passive pressures enough to have
the "gut check" to the same level that you evidently do.  It felt off,
but I pushed forward without "listening" to that feeling.

Since you post that I'm replying to here:
I fixed the spreadsheet and then ran a bunch of examples and
learned that the active is always the least and then the at-rest and
then the passive.  Thanks, Steve for the lessons.

Joe, I hope that I didn't cause you any problems with my trying
to help.

Here's a revised list of EFPs, not that you should listen to me, ha.

Soil unit weight of 110 pct with a friction angle of 35 degree.

Active: 30 pcf

At-rest: 47 pcf

Passive: 210 pcf

I apologize for any problems that I may have created.

Take Care,

On 15 May 2015 at 8:33, Steve Gordin wrote:

> Lloyd,
> You wrote that "soil that is about 110 pcf will have an EFP of about
> 50-55 psf/ft, for Rankine's active pressure. If you're going for a
> Rankine at-rest
> pressure you'd be in the 35 psf/ft."  I am used to having these
> numbers in reverse: the at-rest pressure is always higher than the
> active pressure.
> Could you please clarify?
> Thanks,
> Steve
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> V. Steve Gordin PhD
> Licensed Structural Engineer
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