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RE: Programming

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I believe that the wisdom needs to be shared from generation after generation. 
 If it is not shared no one will know about any one's wisdom.  However this 
 sharing cannot be free.  If you invest you will get the profit it is just 
simple as that.  So my suggestion is that if you are willing to share this 
programming you should be compensated with reasonable amount of money.

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Gary,Don't give away your design program.Since 76 is the old 56, there is 
plenty of work ahead if you want it. Irv

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 Fellow listers,
I have been designing cranes and runways and their related structures since 

1967.  One of my customers is demanding (nicely) that I give him a program 
that will design runway beams so he can estimate his costs.  I guess he sees 
 me with one foot in the grave (I'm 76).  Every thing I have done is on 
spreadsheets, but I am relectant to give those to him as I think that they 
reveal too much of the calc process as I detail all the formulas and steps. 
 I want to maintain the mystique of the all-knowing and all-powerful engineer 
 (cackle!).  I used to do some of this with Q-Basic which I found easy to 
use but it seems to have gone the way of the Dodo bird.  I know of another 
engineer who had such a program in Q-Basic, but he died and his program went 
 with him.

By coincidence I was approached by another customer seeking a program to 
design open web steel joists (in Canada all OWSJ are designed for each 
specific job).  I had such a program in Q-Basic but it suddenly stop working, 
 but I still have a hard copy.

I am hoping that some of you might be able to offer some suggestions as to 
what to use in the way of programmimg. Gary

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