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Re: Balcony Collapse

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Keep fighting the good fight Chuck. My experience with government officials
has been mixed, some are reactionary and some just hope problems go away. I
used to drive by a CMU retaining wall on my way to work every day that I
could tell from my car was in really bad shape. Pedestrians use the
sidewalk a LOT immediately adjacent to it. I got a rather non chalant reply
to my email about my concerns as a structural engineer and citizen,
something like "We will look into it, we aren't sure whose wall it is (as
if that matters)."

Andrew Kester, PE

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 2:04 AM, Chuck Utzman <chuckutzman(--nospam--at)> wrote: 

> This is almost certainly a rot problem that should not happen. Here's an
> email exchange I just had with our new Director of Planning. I've redacted 
> the names to protect privacy:
> I wrote:/
> While I was on the Planning Commission I tried to get the Director of
> Planning & Building take an interest in the problem of inadequate
> waterproofing in our construction in our town. The Berkeley tragedy is a
> direct result of a huge shortcoming in our building Codes & inspection. 
> Our Chief Building Official's response was that "we don't have the expertise 
> to deal with it". I guess if the dead kids were in our town, there would 
> be more interest.//
> //I spent 7 years doing nothing but forensic work & know the problem
> intimately. Would you be open to a discussion? This is a preventable
> problem, and frankly, more important than the structural issues we have
> chosen to fret so much about.//
> //thanks,//
> //chuck/
> His reply:
> /I'd be happy to talk about this issue;  however, I have to defer to our

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