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Re: Berkeley Balcony Collapse

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I'm a little disappointed that you didn't know that this a nationwide problem. The same problem exists everywhere thanks to the ICBO's incompetence. Building officials don't give waterproofing any attention because the Code doesn't tell them to. Developers build to the Code, and that shouldn't be a surprise. I'm going to see if I can get that changed in a couple of towns here, but I'm not holding my breath. Removing the lower balcony was very stupid, but not surprising. The Building Inspectors never get called upon to examine the decayed buildings they have approved. They simply do not understand the problem-- much less how to fix it. Eventually the Liberty Gardens' failure will be closely examine by real experts working for the lawyers. Blame will be assigned, and a lot of money will change hands, the forensic reports won't be made public, and things will probably continue as before. I am not a lawyer, but it feels like criminal negligence on the part of ICBO and the City Building Inspectors everywhere--who have elected to remain ignorant. I saw a news item the other day estimating 6,500 hospitalizations due to deck failures since 2002. I'd guess hundreds of billions in water damage during that time. Maybe 6 dead kids will get their attention now. We'll see.

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