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New Bay Bridge and Engineering Ethics Problems

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Here is another sad story about the new Bay Bridge and another low on how
unethical behavior of engineers and conflict of interest can  jeopardize
public safetY and make members of the public loose their trust in engineers: 


Everyone ,who reads this story may want to read  the investigative report
that Charles Piller of Sacramento Bee did on Dr.  Frieder Seible and his
receiving millions from Caltrans to be the consultant on the new Bay Bridge
and at the same time be the Chair of The new Bay Bridge Seismic Peer Review
Committee receiving more taxpayers' money to review his own consulting
work. This is even unprecedented in Banana republics yet alone in US where
corruption especially when it compromises public safety is not allowed and
people like Frieder Seible doing that end up being investigated not asked
to comment on bolts.

By the way the strangest thing is that he is in concrete area and has no
background or experience that anyone knows about with steel structures
which the SAS bridge is nor much about bolts.

Frieder Seible who says the anchor rods at the base of tower of the new Bay
Bridge are not needed should be asked does he know what anchor rods are and
what they do  in steel structures? And if they were not needed  why they
were usedin the  bridge at the base of the only tower of this bridge?
FYI, he is a P. E. And a member of Academy of Engineering both not
accepting any unethical behavior.

The story about Frieder Seible's conflict of interest and being consultant
and peer reviwer for the same project is here:


 Abolhassan ASTANEH-ASL, Ph.D., P.E., Professor
2013 Minner Faculty Fellow in Engineering Ethics and Social/Professional
 Responsibility and
2013-14 U.S. Fulbright Senior Research Scholar
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
781 Davis Hall,  MC 1710
University of California,
Berkeley,  CA 94720-1710, USA
Phone; (510) 642-4528

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