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Re: Minimum Eccentricity for Steel Column (Last question of 2015?)

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Pin at top and bottom.
How chilly is it in BC?

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Subject: RE: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] Minimum Eccentricity for Steel Column (Last 
question of 2015?)

Might depend if they are pinned or fixed top &/or bottom...?

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Subject: [SEAINT-SEAOSC] Minimum Eccentricity for Steel Column (Last question 
 of 2015?)

Happy New Year to all structural engineers.

Here is my last day of the 2015's question(?):

I think in Wood Design we take the (width of the column)/6 as the minimum
eccentricity.  This is the case when there is absolutely no eccentric loading 
 and the load it concentric.

how about steel columns?

I have a scenario where the some existing 15 feet tall pipe steel columns
are 1 inch out of plumb..

This means at the present time these column are taking an additional 1 inch
 of eccentricity over their original design.

The pipes are 8 inches in Diameter.

if I establish that the 1 inch out of plum is not within acceptable construction 
 tolerance, then I'd have to evaluate these column to check their strength.

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